How to tokenise and sell software licenses on our platform
Apr 25, 20231 min read
How to tokenise and sell software licenses on our platform

You can publish and sell on our platform not only art and 3D models, but also software licenses. They will be available in collection Software Licenses




1. Ask for the invitation here. Fill the form and send your e-mail address. After that we'll open you an access to the platform. 

2. Mint NFT. Choose ERC-1155 standard and Software Licenses collection, category Collectibles. 

3. Fill the form: name of your product, royalties (collectors can resell your product), number of copies. 

4. Fill the form for the Unlockable Content. Content is only visible to the NFT owner. License activation keys or activation instructions are published here. Please note that we may take action if you do not grant the buyer a license.


6. Fill the description. Tell us about your company. Be sure to indicate the type of software license, as well as a link to the documentation on your official website.

7. Put on sale. 

8. After reviewing your software information, we will decide whether to show your NFT to our social media audience.

9. In case of violation of the rules for using the platform or complaints from users about the scam, we will have the right to hide your NFT from the site.